Welcome Ukraine and Austria to TUMIEE Action!


Two new countries have recently joined TUMIEE! Ukraine and Austria are already part of our Action.

Ukraine was proposed as a new Near Neighbour Country (NNC) by participants from Latvia at the last Management Committee Meeting held in Madrid in November 2018. After voting, it was decided to approve this proposal and welcome Ukraine as the second NNC in the Action (Russian Federation was the first).

In the case of Austria, this has happened thanks to the interest expressed by some Austrian researchers in joining TUMIEE Action. Due to this interest, the CNC (COST National Contact) of Austria signed the Action’s MoU in order to allow Austrian researchers to join and participante in the different activities carried our under this Action.

With Austria and Ukraine, we are already 28 COST Members Countries and 2 COST Near Neighbour Countries in TUMIEE Action!