1st Working Group meeting in Porto (Portugal)


The 1st Working Group meeting of TUMIEE Action will take place in Porto (Portugal) on the 4th March 2019 at Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto. Helder Crespo (PT), Science Communication Manager of the Action, will lead the host team in Porto.

Cases of interest related to electronic excitation were described by participants in the 1st General Meeting held in Madrid in November 2018. These cases will make possible to quantify progress in the Action and will help to contribute to as general as possible multiscale formalisms to describe phenomena related to electronic excitation. In particular, at this stage of the Action, the role of the cases is of paramount importance, because they will allow participants to identify strategies of collaboration in an otherwise extremely broad field and will facilitate the identification of objectives and develop successful solutions to specific problems. Methods used for one case are expected to be useful for other cases. The 1st WG meeting is intended to be a forum for detailed discussion on selected cases of interest and ways to tackle them by promoting collaborations among researchers from different fields. Progress on started collaborations, as well as, detailed descriptions of cases relevant to electronic excitation will be presented during the meeting. In particular, in this event, a poster session is considered a good tool to enable face-to-face discussions with potential collaborators on unsolved problems that require multidisciplinary efforts.

As in the 1st General Meeting, new ideas and strategies are expected to stem from the discussions during the meeting and from the subsequent effective collaboration.

You can find all the practical information (location, programme, accommodation…) about the WG meeting in Porto in the following link: http://www.cost-ca17126.industriales.upm.es/activities/meetings/meeting-porto-portugal/