2nd Management Committee meeting in Madrid (Spain)


The 2nd MC meeting of TUMIEE Action took place at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) on the 20th November 2018.
Taking advantage of the 1st General Meeting held in Madrid on the 19-20th November, the MC meeting was organised to take place right afterwards. The MC members stayed at the venue once the General Meeting was finished, they had a quick coffee break and immediatly afterwards the MC session started. It was led by Antonio Rivera (MC Chair) and Eduardo Oliva (GH Scientific Representative) with the assistance of Jorge Kohanoff (MC Vice-Chair).

Representatives from 20 COST countries attended the meeting and discussed about several issues such as STSM criteria, membership and next meetings. Porto was elected as the location for the 1st WG meeting that will take place in March 2019. And the National University Politechnika of Ukraine was proposed as Near Neighbour Country (NNC).