Action’s plans for 2021


We are living a difficult period. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the day-to-day lives of many people and it has caused exceptionally challenging times for the society.

TUMIEE’s plans for 2020 had to be postponed and in order to keep the Action running and to facilitate collaborations among Action members, dissemination activities have been emphasised. First, some participants are working on an advanced text book about Methods for Electronic Excitation Studies. Second, a call for Expressions-of-Interest to publish a dedicated volume in a regular Scientific Journal was launched last November. Great contribution has been received so far and further information about the submission of papers will be provided soon.

The current Grant Period has been extended 6 months by COST (until October 2021). This brings well founded hope on resuming in-person events along 2021, in particular, STSMs, ITC Grants and the three dedicated meetings about laser interaction, electron-phonon coupling and medical applications, decided in the last meeting held in Warsaw to focus our common activities during the second part of the project.

We would like to encourage all TUMIEE’s participants to keep your collaboration network active to fulfill the objectives of the Action and improve your own research lines. Be proactive and contact your partners regularly to overcome this difficult period without negative effects for our enterprise. We thank you for your precious contribution to the success of this Action.