Meeting in Warsaw (Poland)

2nd WG meeting + 3rd MC meeting + 1st Core group meeting


The Warsaw meeting gathered 46 participants from 20 countries. During the meeting some participants shared their work through short oral presentations. An interactive poster session was also organised. Participants had the opportunity to go deeper in their collaborations and, in some cases, establish new ones.

Besides, new ideas for the next Grant Period starting on the 1st May arose. Among those ideas, the organisation of dedicated meetings with a reduced number of participants in the form of specific workshops was proposed by several colleagues as the best way to get progress in multiscale modelling through the development of strategies for the integration of different methods.

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Date and venue

The meeting will take place in Warsaw and will be hosted by the Military University of Technology (MUT).


It will be a 2-days meeting, taking place on the 17th & 18th February 2020.

  • Monday, 17th February: Working Group meeting (1st part)
  • Tuesday, 18th February: Working Group meeting (2nd part) + MC meeting + Core Group meeting

A networking dinner will be organised for Monday evening.


MUT Conference Center

ul.gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 9
00-908 Warszawa



How to get to the MUT Conference Center:

The MUT Conference Center (in Polish: WAT Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne) is located about 15 km from the city center of Warsaw. It is well served by public transport since there are convenient tram connections (20-25 minutes) to get from the city center to the Conference Center.

The name of the stop near the meeting venue (MUT campus) is “WAT”.

Here you can find detailed information about connections between any “start point” and “destination” in Warsaw.

Participation criteria and reimbursement for travel expenses

COST provides a certain amount of financial support for organising the meeting and to reimburse participants. According to the budget allocated to this meeting, 45 participants can be reimbursed for their travel expenses. Therefore, the participation of Action members who can better contribute to this Meeting will be prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • Priority will be given to:
    1. One Management Committee member per country.
    2. Members who belong to the core group to help organize the next period;
    3. Members who enjoyed an STSM or will shortly enjoy an already approved STSM;
    4. Members who have started a collaboration with other COST members from another country to couple methods between different time and space scales or to explain sets of experimental data;
    5. Members who are active in experimental validation with dedicated techniques related with, at least, one case of interest;
    6. Members belonging to COST inclusiveness policy targets, i.e., ECI, ITC, as well as women to promote and improve gender balance;
  • A call for contributions will be made via email to organize the meeting presentations. An organizing committee will filter the contributions and fit the presentations in the Meeting program.
  • Colleagues with an accepted presentation will then be prioritised.
  • The participation of other colleagues as attendees without presentation will be subject to budget availability and the selection will be performed according to Point 1. In addition, geographical distribution of participants will be considered to avoid underrepresented or overrepresented regions.
  • The local organizer can invite a number of attendees without the right of any reimbursement.

Participants eligible to be reimbursed will be notified about it through the formal invitation they will receive via email. Upon receipt of the official e-COST invitation the recipient shall respond within two weeks. Otherwise, s/he will lose the entitlement for reimbursement.

Rules regarding participants’ reimbursements can be found on the COST Vademecum (pages 25-29).


This meeting is intended to revise the current progress in networking research activities within the Action, promote collaborations, get progress in the development of methods for relevant cases, couple methodologies to go beyond the state of the art and involve a new generation of researchers in the field. Just after the Working Group Meeting, the Action annual MC meeting and a Core Group meeting will take place.

Many Action participants have already contributed to previous activities (Meetings, STSMs and the Training School). In addition, many existing collaborations along with new ones established within the Action scope are currently working in an effort to get progress in the field of high electronic excitation. The Action is to favour the integration of different groups to get profit of common synergies. The meeting is an opportunity to:

  1. revise the current progress of the collaborations;
  2. provide networking opportunities to researchers that either need the expertise of other colleagues or can contribute with their expertise to others;
  3. identify the most successful results;
  4. unify efforts in a roadmap for the next period;
  5. identify the role of industry;
  6. and support ECIs to be successful in their research activities, for their benefit and the benefit of the Action as a whole.

In order to organize previous activities and give visibility to the scattered research groups, the Action has compiled a list of cases of interest that require the collaboration of researchers with different expertise and a list of local teams with expertise in certain methods. In this Meeting we will review progress in these cases and select the more promising ones to prioritize in terms of networking tools during the next period. Particular emphasis will be put into successful new collaborations. To facilitate networking, we will make a special effort to publicize the expertise of the Action members.

How to get to Warsaw

Please, find below the different ways to reach Warsaw according to the Official Tourist Website of Warsaw.

By plane:

  • Chopin Airport

Most flights to Warsaw land at Chopin Airport ( about 10 km from the city centre.

You can reach the city centre by public transportation:
– bus number 175 runs to the centre and around the Old Town (Stare Miasto)
– bus numbers 148 and 188 run to the other side of the river, to Praga, Grochów and Gocław
– night bus number N32 runs to the city centre
– suburban train line S2, S3 or RL – more information
Transport tickets are required on all lines.

A taxi rank in front of the Terminal offers selected and reliable taxi companies: Ele Taxi, Sawa Taxi, Super Taxi.

Avoid people in the Arrivals Hall encouraging you to use random taxis. They are often unlicensed and their fees are several times higher than registered and legal taxis.

The price for a taxi from the Chopin airport to the meeting venue is about 10-15 €, depending on the route.

A multilevel car park is available at the airport where you can leave your car for several hours or days.

  • Warsaw Modlin Airport

Warsaw Modlin Airport ( is located around 35 km north-west from the city centre.

Access to the city from the airport:
By train

Koleje Mazowieckie trains depart from Modlin railway station, which can be reached by a special airport bus that leaves from the airport terminal at times coordinated with the train timetable. A special airport ticket that costs 19 PLN can be purchased in the airport terminal. More information
Estimated journey time: 1 hour 15 minutes

By bus
OKbus and Modlinbus service operate 24 hours a day at times coordinated with the flight schedule. Services offer direct connection with the centre of Warsaw with buses stopping in front of the Kinoteka cinema in the Palace of Culture and Science. Tickets are available in the Arrivals Hall, in the bus (payment by cash or by card is accepted), at the point of sale in the Palace of Culture and Science and online at and For more information call +48 703 403 993 or email.
Estimated journey time: 45 minutes.

By taxi
The airport recommends two taxi companies Sawa Taxi and Taxi Modlin. The price of a taxi from Modlin airport to the meeting venue should be around 25-30 €.
CAUTION! We strongly advise against using taxis offered by random people in the Arrivals Hall and highly recommend using licensed taxi companies.

By train:

Warsaw has three large railway stations with international and domestic long-distance connections:
– Warszaw Centralna, Aleje Jerozolimskie 54
Located in the heart of the city, it is reachable from all districts of Warsaw.
– Warszawa Zachodnia, Aleje Jerozolimskie 144
Thanks its location right next to the international bus station, it’s a good point for people taking long-distance (both national and international) buses.
– Warszawa Wschodnia, ul. Lubelska 1
The station is located on the Praga side of the river.

Train tickets can be purchased at the ticket windows (kasa) in the stations, on the internet or at selected travel agencies. You can also purchase your ticket on the train from the conductor, whom you must seek out immediately upon boarding the train. Tickets sold on the train are subject to an additional fee.

Train timetables are available at:

By bus:

The bus station Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia at Aleje Jerozolimskie 144 offers international and national connections.
Tickets for national and international routes can be purchased at ticket offices at the station and on the website E-Podróżnik:
tel. 703 402 802


Participants are responsible to book their own accommodation. A flat rate of 100 €/night has been allocated for this meeting as part of the reimbursable expenses.

The MUT Conference Center offers the possibility of accommodating a limited number of participants. A preliminary reservation of 10 single rooms and 10 double rooms have been made for participants of this meeting. Suites and an apartment are also available. Price for rooms are as follow:

  • Single room – 180 PLN
  • Double room – 200 PLN

The final reservation of a room must be done by the participant contacting directly the MUT Conference Center by phone or e-mail using the password COST. E-mail: // Tel: +48 261 837 925.

Gallery of images of MUT conference center

For those who prefere to stay in the City, the Local Organiser suggests the Hotel Ibis Warszawa Centrum which is conveniently located on the line of the tram no 20 that connects MUT Campus (Tram stop Kocjana) with the Warsaw Old Town.

Detailed maps with info to go from the Hotel Ibis Warszawa Centrum to the MUT Conference Center.

Other useful information

Local organiser:

Dr Henryk Fiedorowicz. Email: henryk.fiedorowicz(at)


The currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN).

For reference: 1 € ≈ 4,3 PLN — 1 PLN ≈ 0,23 €

Power adaptors:

In Portugal the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Poland if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 – 240 V (as is in the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa). The plugs and sockets are of type C (the plug which has two round pins) and E (plug which has two round pins and a hole for the socket’s male earthing pin).


Polish is the official language in Poland. However, the majority of people, especially in tourist sites, speak English better or worse. You should have no problems with communicating in English.

About the city:

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. The metropolis stands on the Vistula River in east-central Poland and its population is officially estimated at 1.78 million residents within a greater metropolitan area of 3.1 million residents.

Warsaw is a major international tourist destination, and a significant cultural, political and economic hub. Its historical old town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Further info: