Friday, 18th June 2021, 10 – 12 am (CEST)


According to the current Work Plan, the Action is promoting collaborative efforts around three major areas: biotechnological applications, intense laser applications and electron-phonon phenomenology. One dedicated face-to-face workshop per area will be organized (if normal mobility, currently hampered by the pandemic, is restored in the short term). Meanwhile, as preparation of the face-to-face meetings, we started this series of online sessions with this workshop on biotechnological applications open to all Action members.

The goal of the workshop was to put into contact Health Science Researchers and colleagues with expertise in different aspects of radiation-matter interaction and continue developing unified methodologies with applications in the field of Biotechnology. Several applications have been discussed in the previous meetings and a number of approaches to improve the state-of-the-art are being developed by Action members. The online session and the next face-to-face meeting are aimed at facilitating the necessary interactions among researchers from different fields.

The workshop had a reduced format with just three presentations and a round table open to all participants. Topics covered include among others:

  • Radiation therapies (in particular, hadron and laser therapy).
  • Nanoparticles in combination with external irradiation as a treatment to certain tumors.
  • Bioprinting
  • Medical imaging
  • Radiological protection, including different aspects such as optimization of irradiation doses, personal protection in intense laser facilities of space missions.
  • Laser application to produce radiopharmaceuticals

Participants were invited to bring up a topic for the Round Table. This workshop was not intended to show results but to discuss open points that can be tackled by means of the collaborative effort of Action members with expertise in different fields.