Online workshop on electron-phonon phenomenology


Monday 20th September 2021 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm (CET)


According to the current Work Plan, the Action is promoting to focus collaborative efforts around three major areas, namely, biotechnological applications, electron-phonon phenomenology and intense laser applications. On Monday, 20th September we had the second online workshop, this time, on electron-phonon phenomenology open to all Action members.

The goal of the meeting was to put into contact colleagues with expertise in different aspects of radiation- matter, in particular, irradiation experiments and modelling of the electron-phonon coupling and concomitant ways to transfer energy from the electrons to the lattice. Several applications have been discussed in the previous meetings and a number of approaches to improve the state-of-the-art are being developed by Action members. The online workshop and the next face-to-face meetings are aimed at facilitating the necessary interactions among researchers from different fields.

The workshop had a reduced format with just a few presentations and a round table open to all participants. The workshop was chaired by Flyura Djurabekova (University of Helsinki, Finland). Topics covered include:
   • Ion and laser irradiation experiments in high electronic excitation regime but preserving
     the solid (plume formation will be covered in the third workshop).
   • Time-resolved techniques, attempts to follow the evolution individual tracks in the case
     of ion irradiation.
   • Ab-initio description of the problem.
   • Electron-phonon coupling models and code implementation.
   • Link with classical molecular dynamics within the multiscale paradigm.

The workshop consisted of a few presentations followed by a round table as detailed next: