An extension of 6 months granted to TUMIEE


COST has granted an extension period of 6 months to our Action (until 11/03/2023). This will allow us to complete some of the activities strongly affected by the pandemic restrictions.

The Action will count on additional funds for these 6 months. The Work & Budget Plan for the new period has already been drafted and will be soon voted by the Management Committee. The drafted W&B Plan includes the proposals arisen during the last MC meeting held in Crete in July: a WG meeting to focus on the Action outcomes, specially about the release of new codes, and a final meeting for conclusions, dissemination and ways to keep running our network of collaborators. One of them is expected to take place in Hamburg and the other one in Belgrade. In addition, of especial importance in this period, STSMs will be supported by the Action prioritizing those related to code release.

This extension is a great opportunity to consolidate the network of researchers, close the Action with useful outcomes and prepare future networking activities. Regarding the outcome, the lease of new codes of relevance for materials modification by means of irradiation, for ultra-fast optics, for bio-materials and for excitation driven by intense lasers will be the focus of the last months. In turn, this will help strengthen the bonds with industry.