The Monte Carlo code, XCASCADE, is now available free of charge


The Monte Carlo code, XCASCADE, describing electronic response of various solids to XUV/X-ray radiation is now available for external use (free of charge) under DESY license.

There was a strong interest among the students when this code was presented by Vladimir Lipp (Action member from CELF-DESY, Germany) at the 1st TUMIEE Training School in 2019. Moreover, one of the sections in the recently published Action book ‘Tools for investigating electronic excitation: experiment and multi-scale modelling‘ (Sec. 15.2.1) is devoted to the XCASCADE code.

If you are interested to learn more about the XCASCADE code, please follow the link:

For more details, you can also write an email to the current code developer, Vladimir Lipp (vladimir.lipp[at]